Serving the New Jersey area with farm fresh products since 1713.

Hay and Straw in Central New Jersey

Suydam Farms is one of the largest hay and straw producers in central New Jersey.

At Suydam Farm, hay is serious business. Making our own New Jersey Hay, we take pride in our product as an efficient feed source. Hay fields are carefully managed to consistently produce quality hay year after year. We use a combination of traditional techniques and newer technology to ensure all hay is produced dry, timely and efficiently.

We specialize in Timothy, Brome and Orchard Grass. If we do not have the variety of hay you are looking for, we would be happy to help you located it. Bound in 45 lb. bales, our hay and straw are available year round Saturdays and Sundays 8 am to 5 pm or by appointment. Call Ryck at (732) 991-2473